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Date: Mon, Apr 16, 2001, 10:11am (EDT-1) 


Subject: Your Account has been created 


Thank you for your recent request to become a Cyberbounty "Bounty Hunter". We are pleased to inform you that your site has been approved. 

To activate your account just visit the our site 

and login with your user ID and password as follows: 

USER ID: 3958 

New Password:  kimba

PASSWORD: 6180560 

*IMPORTANT* This account will only be active for around 14 days, if it is not activated within this time you may have to re-apply. 

Once you account is activated you will be taken to your control panel which you can use to manage your account. Please note that you will login in the same place each time, our server will know that your account is already active. 

We recommend that you go log in now and change your password You may use any combination of letters and numbers up to 8 characters. 

From the control panel you will also be able to retrieve all of the banners, ad copy and custom URL's for your site, everything is there just waiting for you to cut and paste. 

You'll also find information on how to link to your freebie page generated and managed especially for you, it will look exactly the same as the following: 

But it'll contain links to YOUR offers and YOU get full credit! 

You don't have to use the page, it's completely up to you, it's just an extra service that we offer. 

You can also instruct your page to use your own logo instead of the regular logo, you can also add your own text hyperlink back to your own website. 
When you log into your account we recommend that you check the the "NEWS" section, this will give you our latest feedback on which offers are working best for people. 

Cyberbounty has worked hard on ensuring that your URL's are as short and easy to use as possible. Long URL's can cause problems with certain email clients, as they break them up, causing incorrect URL's, this will not happen with a Cyberbounty URL. 
For your information, this is how they work: 

All URL's contain the following 

Next you will add your "variables" so that we can identify which sponsor to send the user to, which banner they clicked on (which helps us track which banner is most effective for you) and also your unique ID number, which tells us that the click came from your site. 

Your unique ID is :3958 

Variables used in the URL are: 
'A' = [A]d ID, this is the ID number for the particular sponsor
'B' = [B]anner ID of the particular banner used.
'C' = [C]lient ID, your unique ID, which is listed above. 

So a typical URL would look something like this. A - Let's say the ID for this sponsor is "1" B - You use banner number 2 
C - Your ID - Always, 3958 
The Question mark is required, so are the ampersands. 
Confusing ? Don't worry, ALL URL's are on the site anyway. 
We look forward to working with you and would like to take this opportunity to wish you the best of luck. 
The Cyberbounty Team 

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